How To Help Them With Things They Don’t Understand

It is a good idea for parents to sit with their children and help them complete their work, but if you feel like you don’t know the subject very well, you can hire a personal tutor or supply them with the appropriate materials to help them complete the work. Ensure that you don’t always make them study, give them time to go out and play, watch television, play games etc. Doing this can also help you understand your child’s capabilities and identify if they have any learning disorders from an early age. For example, if you detect that your child might be showing signs of dyslexia you can get it confirmed sooner and get additional materials like nice decodable reading books to help your child read better. 

Understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses, if they are good writers then focus on that too in order to build up their self-confidence. If they are weak in reading then you can help by reading out loud with your child, you can try storybooks that they like or try out phonics reading books for kids in order to keep them interested and help them pronounce the words better. Don’t stick to one method of learning as this can bore them out, try out things like active learning to keep things interesting. When reading, make your child question or allow them to share their ideas, this would keep them more engaged in what you are doing and can also help encourage this type of behavior in school. 

The school is certainly a good place for your child to learn and try out new things, but your child would also need some extra attention at home in order to function better. You should look into what your child does and ensure that he gets his homework done on time. It’s easy for them to deflect if you don’t stress on the importance of it. At the same time, it is also vital to set up a good study environment, away from all the distractions for your child so that they can function better. Set aside specific times for your child and make it a routine, this way in the future your child would tend to do it anyway at that time even when you aren’t there to supervise. A positive reinforcement technique can also help you achieve this, if they complete the work on time you can reward them by giving them extra tv time or chocolates to show your appreciation.